Simple, low cost power management & billing solutions for home or business.

OnCharge revolutionises the supply of electricity for charging or usage

Whether you’re an Airbnb host or a motel owner looking to offer convenient electric vehicle charging for your customers, a group of individuals seeking to share the cost of a power bill, or a property owner in need of a streamlined method to allocate power expenses to tenants, OnCharge offers a user-friendly mobile payment solution.

Additionally, OnCharge caters to the needs of commercial settings by providing comprehensive power reporting, billing, and management solutions, specifically tailored to monitor industrial power usage.

By seamlessly integrating with popular payment gateways, OnCharge enables instant billing and transfer of power-related expenses between parties, all within the intuitive OnCharge application.

How can we help you?

Do you need to split power bills, monitor EV charging or power consumption ? OnCharge has a range of applications customised to suit your requirements.


Do you have a group of people renting and splitting a power bill, or are you a property owner wanting a simple way to charge power usage to your tenants?

Take the guesswork away and avoid billing disagreements by installing a power monitoring solution.


Whether you’re an Air BNB / Motel owner or run a restaurant or cafe, OnCharge will allow your customers to plug their EV car in on your premises and instantly bills it to them!

For business owners with employees wary of plugging their EV in at home, power can be measured, rated, invoiced, expensed to payroll, paid for by credit card or Apple Pay


Need to know what your machines are costing to run?

OnCharge provides power reporting, billing and management solutions for commercial environments like factory machinery power monitoring.

Integrating with payment gateways, power can instantly be billed between two parties through the OnCharge application.

How does OnCharge work for EV owners?

OnCharge supports charging EV’s in three different ways.

Using an OnCharge meter plug

The plug measures the consumption and uploads to our Cloud service over Wifi. Perfect for employees charging their cars at home with their original plug-in charger.

Using a Gen 3 Tesla Wall Charger

OnCharge have designed an solution to work with this low cost and popular 7.2kw Generation 3 Tesla wall charger. The Type 2 connector on the Tesla charger works with most NZ new electric vehicles.

Using a DIN Rail power meter

The Wifi power meter is connected to an electrical circuit like an outdoor power point, a third-party EV charger or even a whole premises or tenancy – perfect for a Hotel, Motel or AirBNB to measure and control power usage, and instantly bill a customer.

OnCharge can measure & bill almost any kind of energy usage.

Whether it’s a single usage transaction like charging an Electric Vehicle, or an accumulation of transactions like charging a car multiple times over a month, OnCharge can rate the usage of electrical consumption and charge in one of several ways.

1. A singular transaction like a public EV charge

Rate the consumption of power between the start and end of the charging transaction, and instantly bill a credit card or Apple Pay wallet.

2. Accumulate transactions & bill them at the end of a period

Total up the transaction usage and create an Invoice in an accounting system like Xero / QuickBooks or create a record in a payroll system for employee reimbursement. This could be used for example for reimbursing an employee or contractor, or for charging energy usage to a subtenant over a monthly period.


Connecting is easy with OnCharge Hardware

Our solution is compatible with a large amount of existing power meter hardware using the ESP8266 and ESP32 processor.

There are hundreds of different existing hardware solutions available from simple plug-in meters through to advanced, high current three phase meters that can connect to the OnCharge cloud service.

OnCharge have developed our own device firmware to run on these hardware power meters that securely connects over the internet to our OnCharge cloud service to provide a full telemetry collection, reporting, billing and control system.

OnCharge Cloud Service & Reporting

The OnCharge cloud solution uses leading Microsoft Azure cloud technology.

Our solution is compatible with existing power meter hardware that’s already certified in many countries around the world.

With our OnCharge firmware, power meters send their telemetry to our cloud service that uses the Microsoft Azure IOT Gateway services to provide a globally available, infinitely scalable and secure solution to control and manage the devices and collect usage data.

Our backend API’s and database allow us to then rate the usage transactions against agreed Tariff power rates and on-charge the power usage to the right party.

Our reporting solutions allow detailed breakdown and analysis of the power usage over time.

It’s simple with the OnCharge Mobile App

The OnCharge mobile application is written for Apple iOS and Android devices, and works with all the popular authentication providers like Facebook, Apple and Google.

The application allows you to locate OnCharge ready infrastructure and connect and consume the energy provided.

As an OnCharge power provider, you can see your endpoint devices, and manage their usage and billing.

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